Our History

1973 – 1978 Distributed street poems in London and other towns and cities around the UK.

1978 – 2008 Busked in London, and widely in continental Europe and Asia Minor.

1983 – 1992  Began human rights struggle with case in Strasbourg (European Court of Human Rights).       Mounted a series of cases in domestic courts in UK against Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, London Underground and London Regional Transport.

1987 Started independent record company “Newspaper Records”

1990 Released vinyl single of “I Am The Professor Of The University Of The Street” in Germany.

1991 Performed in peace concert in Skopje, Yugoslavia (now Macedonia).

1995 Made music video with gypsies in Macedonia of “Song For Bayram”. The song was later included on
CD album “Exile in Balkan” (see below).

1996 Joined forces with London Public Entertainers Collective (LPEC) in fight for buskers’ rights on the tube.

1997 Inaugurated campaigning website Buskaction.

1998 Released CD single “Don’t Know Why?” – protest against London tube busking ban.

2002 Released CD album “Exile in Balkan” – stories of Yugoslavia and of the breakup of the country, contrasted with memories of London from a happier time.

2002 Performed at Astoria, London, as support act to rock group “My Vitriol”. Very positive
reaction and feedback from audience.

2004 Recorded album “War Sex And Family” – an artistic response to witnessing the Macedonian
civil war.

2009 Performed at Troubadour Club, Earls Court, London.

2009 Released DVD version of “Don’t Know Why” Protest Single.
Made music video of “Mushti Rushti/Balkan Families” – Balkan folk song with beats.

2012 Album “Away From Tube Trains” released on iTunes by “33Jazz” record label.